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The Green Range

Introducing the all new CheckFire Green Range: where fire safety meets sustainability

The Green Range

A seamless transition to a more sustainable fire trade supply chain is here: The Green Range exists to deliver access to eco-friendly fire extinguishers, products, and services. 


This growing range is ever-evolving with vital offerings, including our fire extinguisher recycling service, and products such as our CommanderEDGE enviroFoam fluorine-free foam fire extinguishers, which use fluorine-free firefighting foam to help fire trade stockists and end users prepare for potential legal restrictions on the use of PFAS (forever chemicals). And, as lithium-ion battery powered devices become more and more prevalent, our revolutionary LFX lithium-ion battery fire extinguishers tackle the unique dangers of these specific fires


All of these are designed to make it easier for businesses to enhance environmental commitments, without compromising fire safety performance. Explore the range to learn more.

What’s in The Green Range?

Products and services that meet our environmental objectives will be made available from CheckFire throughout the year. All of The Green Range offerings are designed to make fire safety as sustainable as it is safe.

Fire Extinguisher Recycling Service

The CheckFire Recycling Team recycle between 25,000 to 30,000 fire extinguishers per month, with almost all components of a unit used again, massively reducing landfill waste. With collection and drop off options available, it’s a process that’s as simple as it is sustainable.

CommanderEDGE enviroFoam Fluorine-Free Foam

New and improved from CommanderEDGE, enviroFoam Fluorine Free Fire Extinguishers support the ever-growing demand for a true environmentally friendly firefighting solution containing no harmful PFAS, tackling Class A and Class B fires.

CommanderEDGE LFX Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishers

The CommanderEDGE LFX range is fluorine-free and has been specifically designed to tackle lithium-ion battery fires across a wide range of applications.

Coming Soon!

This is only the beginning for The Green Range. We have exciting new product developments underway, designed to set new standards for the fire trade throughout 2024 and beyond. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear! 

Start recycling with CheckFire

Recycling fire extinguishers is the best way to protect people, the planet, and business reputation. We make it easy to recycle fire extinguishers with our superior service, and even have a collect option to save time transporting old units. Or, those local to a CheckFire Depot can drop units with us in person to be safely dismantled, processed, and recycled. Get in touch to start the process.

Simply look for the green crosshair across our products and services to know they belong to The Green Range

Making a wider positive impact

The Green Range helps businesses in a number of ways:

Contributes to a more sustainable fire trade

With a rise in environmental awareness creating a need for more sustainable and renewable solutions, The Green Range helps stockists and end users better prepare for any potential change in legislation. It’s our way of meeting our environmental objectives, but also our way of passing more environmentally responsible products to our customers.


Fluorine free and non toxic

Businesses can be better prepared for any environmental regulations regarding PFAS with the CommanderEDGE enviroFoam Fluorine Free Foam range, with more products to come in the near future to support installation in a variety of fire risk areas.

Innovative Solutions 

Whether facing specific industry fire risks or environmental challenges, The Green Range goes beyond to deliver groundbreaking products and services. This approach means we are answering a range of problems businesses in the fire trade have been faced with, helping them become safer and more prepared for evolving regulations. 

Extensive, reliable research and development

Fire safety is always evolving, so we make a commitment to innovation to constantly stay ahead of new technologies and materials. With a dedicated, expert, and meticulous approach to research and development, products in The Green Range are not only at the cutting edge of current fire safety but also perfectly prepared for the challenges and regulations of the future.


A. We’re a fire trade supplier committed to product innovation and environmental responsibility, as well as raising awareness around fire safety legislation and supporting customers in their own sustainability and success. This is exemplified by our fire extinguisher recycling service, eco-friendly fire extinguisher range, and a shift to paperless operations.
A. Products and services that meet these environmental objectives will be made available from CheckFire throughout the year, applicable products can be identified by the green crosshair on the CommanderEDGE brand logo – showing our sights set on sustainability.
A. Green credentials refer to the environmental initiatives and sustainability practices associated with our products and services that are both a benefit to businesses and the planet. For CheckFire, it signifies our commitment to reducing environmental impact through eco-friendly product development, recycling initiatives, and sustainable operations.
A. In recent years, studies have found that PFAS chemicals that make AFFF foam an effective solution for extinguishing Class B fires are also what make them harmful to the environment, wildlife, and human lives. As a result, some PFAS chemicals have been banned since 2020, with further legal restrictions set to follow imminently.
A. The correct handling, storing, emptying, disposing, and recycling units is a complex operation, with different types of fire extinguisher all requiring different procedures. For whatever reason fire extinguishers reach the end of life, all can be successfully recycled. Not only is it more responsible to recycle, doing so comes with a multitude of benefits; including protection for the environment, individual and organisation, as well as peace of mind.

Fire safety support

Stay ahead of regulations, environmental news, and fire safety products and services. As well as our supplies, we’re also a source of support for fire trade professionals who want to stay up to date with industry insights.

Become a Trade Customer

If you’re in the trade and want to learn more about how to become a CheckFire customer, visit our dedicated Trade Customer page for more information.

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