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Fire safety signs

Why use fire safety signs?

Business and commercial property owners have a legal obligation to provide adequate fire safety signs for customers, employees, and visitors. Signs for fire safety are vital to ensure everyone is aware of the correct procedures to follow and actions to take in the event of a fire.

From fire door safety signs to fire extinguisher ID signs, having mandatory fire safety signs in place and complying with British Standards is simple with our high-quality range.

Find the perfect fire safety sign

From symbols to colour, signs for fire safety are all designed for different purposes. All of our signs for fire safety are photoluminescent, and each covers an essential aspect of fire safety, including warnings, exits, prohibited and mandatory actions, safe conditions, and fire safety equipment.

Fire extinguisher safety signs

When it comes to safety signs, fire extinguisher ID displays are vital. With various types of fire extinguisher for different classes of fire, fire extinguisher safety signs inform users what class of fire a unit can and cannot be used on. 

Fire exit signs

With our range of photoluminescent green signs, fire safety information regarding the nearest emergency exits is clear and compliant. From ‘push bar to open’ instructions to fire exit ‘keep clear’ safety signs, these ensure people know where to go in the event of a fire.

Fire door safety signs

A blue fire safety sign details mandatory actions that should be performed. Our photoluminescent fire door safety signs ensure all building users are aware of fire door locations and understand exactly what actions to take.

Fire assembly point signs

Fire safety signs and notices are required to show the location of designated fire assembly points during an evacuation. In times of emergency, these are especially important fire safety signs in the workplace or in buildings with multiple levels. 


Everything else needed to comply with the law, from fire extinguisher log books to labels for construction fire extinguisher stands. With labels displaying corrective action yellow signs, fire safety risks can be easily highlighted until maintenance is completed.

Bulk buy fire safety signs

Purchase our photoluminous fire safety signs in multiple quantities and save money. All orders of more than 50 fire safety signs benefit from generous bulk-buy discounts.

Browse by fire safety sign finish

To meet the British Standard, fire safety signs from CheckFire are all photoluminescent. This quality standard ensures that fire safety signs are still visible even if electrical lights go out and it is dark. Selected signage is available in stylish Contempo finishes of antique copper, stainless steel, and polished gold.

Matching fire safety signs with stands

With various types of fire extinguisher for different classes of fire, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRFSO) requires a responsible person to install and maintain the correct corresponding ID signs to the appropriate fire extinguisher.


Whether single or double, our robust range of fire extinguisher stands provide designated space for a matching fire extinguisher ID sign. To match the aesthetics of an interior or fire stand itself, our Fire Extinguisher ID Signs are available in our Contempo range of finishes, including antique copper and polished gold and stainless steel.

Have you downloaded our Fire Safety Signs brochure?

To support you and your customers, we have created our CheckFire Fire Safety Signs Brochure to showcase our best-selling, extensive range of fire safety signs. Download now and save to your device to access wherever you are.

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