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Introducing our NEW flat-pack construction stand range

New for 2023, our Flat-pack Construction Stand range is a clever and compact solution for mobile fire safety. With a number of stands that are designed to be quickly installed in three simple steps, our satisfyingly simple units save valuable time, energy, and costs when transporting or storing heavy fire safety equipment. With a small, compact design, our flat-pack construction stands enable faster and more sustainable transits, with less risk of damage.

About the range

Introducing our range of flat-pack construction stand bundles

Bundle 1

Flat-pack Construction Fire Point Stand Bundle 1 - CommandAlert Alarm

Bundle 2

Flat-pack Construction Fire Point Stand Bundle 2 - Cygnus Alarm

Bundle 3

Flat-pack Construction Fire Point Stand Bundle 3 - Commander Double Cabinet

Bundle 4

Flat-pack Compact Trolley Bundle 1

Bundle 5

Flat-pack Compact Trolley Bundle 2

Bundle 6

Flat-pack Compact Trolley Bundle 3

Bundle 7

Flat-pack Compact Trolley Bundle 4

Bundle 8

Flat-pack Compact Trolley Bundle 5

Bundle 9

Triple Flat-pack Stand with First Aid and Spill Kit Bundle

Features and benefits

Flat-pack design

Satisfyingly streamlined, our flatpack construction stand is easy to package and ship. When moving locations, it can be quickly stripped down for compact transportation.

Three-step installation

Set-up is extremely simple – the three-point stand can be assembled in three quick steps for minimal installation time.

Sturdy construction

With durable wheels, seamless welding, and secure fixings, our construction fire point stand is robust enough to stand strong in the busiest building sites.

Holds heavy loads

A superior build also allows heavier products to be stored in our stand, allowing for a safer, more stable way to move a unit around a site, while preventing injuries from manual lifting.

Space-saving flexibility

A smaller size and flatpack packaging means our new stand fits neatly into vans for transport – all helping with the reduction in carbon footprint. On-site, each stand offers affordable storage solutions without compromising on quality.

Protects fire safety products

There is also the option to fit the Double Commander Cabinet with predrilled holes ready for simple installation. Protecting fire safety equipment doesn’t just save on costs, it’s a legal requirement.

Who we help

From building sites to festivals and holiday parks, our flatpack construction fire point stand is especially important for industries such as construction or hospitality, where projects regularly change location and fire extinguishers need to follow.


Holiday Parks

Construction Sites



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