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Learn about the all-new LFX fire extinguisher range

At CheckFire, we’re passionate about bringing new innovative solutions to the fire trade: especially those that target fire risks in everyday life. Designed specifically for lithium-ion battery fires, our revolutionary CommanderEDGE LFX Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher tackles the unique risks of lithium-ion battery fires.

How does LFX work?

Puts out flames

LFX is an effective water-based fire extinguishing agent that is excellent at putting out flames.


Absorbs heat, fast

It has remarkable heat-absorbing properties that break down the chain reaction in thermal runaway and prevent other cells from heating. It effectively cools cells that have already ignited as well as those that are in thermal runaway that have not yet exploded.


Protects from secondary fires

LFX also protects from secondary A-class fires, and this allows the fire extinguisher to quickly tackle ‘peripheral’ fires that have been caused by the exploding batteries.


Features of LFX


NTA 8133 is the first viable and standardised publication of testing for portable fire extinguishers on Lithium-ion battery fires with medium capacities up to 600 Wh. The LFX 6ltr and 9ltr fire extinguishers are NTA 8133 approved.


100% fluorine-free and non-corrosive, LFX is the latest addition to The Green Range. By offering the fire trade an option of more sustainable fire safety solutions, LFX not only prioritises safety but also environmental responsibility.


The LFX range boasts high performance A-class ratings to tackle peripheral fires.  The ratings achieved are 13A on the 3ltr, 27A on the 6ltr, and 34A on the 9ltr.

Become a Trade Customer

If you’re in the trade and want to learn more about how to become a CheckFire customer, visit our dedicated Trade Customer page for more information.

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