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CheckFire's Environmental Responsibilities

At CheckFire, we’re not just a fire trade supplier committed to product innovation and raising awareness of the importance of fire safety, we’re also incredibly conscious of the importance of sustainability and, as a business, are extremely committed to our environmental responsibilities.

Here are just some of the ways that we are working to ensure we remain as sustainable as possible, as well as some of the environmentally friendly products and services we can provide to you, our trade customers.

More eco-friendly products

Fire safety provision isn’t something that can be compromised or risks taken. However, now fire extinguishers and other supporting products can help businesses’ meet their sustainability objectives and strengthen their eco credentials. Below are some of our products from our brands Commander and CommanderEDGE that can support with this.

CommanderEDGE 6ltr Water Mist

The newest addition to the market-leading range, its 13A 25F fire rated demineralised water extinguishing medium is an environmentally friendly fire fighting solution as it contains zero additives.

The Commander Stand

The manufacturing process of the Commander Stand also carries environmentally friendly elements; all excess plastic is captured and put back through the machine to be used through the production line, therefore minimising all wastage.

CommanderEDGE 6ltr EnviroFoam

The CommanderEDGE EnviroFoam was designed to meet requirements of the Milieukeur standard, and its low fluorine content (less than 0.04%) ensures the foam is less harmful to the environment than regular foams.

Commander CO2 Renovates

We have over 20 years experience in renovating CO2 fire extinguishers in our very own workshop. Offering a cost effective solution for Class B and Electrical fires as well as a more environmentally friendly solution for you and your customers.

Fire extinguisher scrap and recycling

All fire extinguishers can be successfully recycled at end of life. CO2 fire extinguishers can be refurbished, tested and sent back to our customers for re-use directly from our own on-site workshop. 

We also offer a fire extinguisher recycling service here at CheckFire. Each element of the fire extinguisher is recycled and used again in many different ways, across many different industries. On average we recycle just over 11,500 fire extinguishers a month.

Internal sustainable practices

CheckFire are currently exploring Hybrid and fully electric vehicles as alternative options in the near future, with a number of our Senior Management Team already driving electric vehicles, whilst all forklifts and sweeping machines that operate on site are already fully electric. 

Stock ordering is carefully managed so that we order full container loads to eliminate wasted space on board and to reduce the reduce the transportation journeys of the stock. Entry ports for overseas goods are also strategically selected to be as close as viably possible to our Warehouse, again reducing the duration and number of journeys necessary.

We operate on a ‘paperless’ basis wherever viable. For example, Order Acknowledgements and Invoices are all sent electronically to our customers. In 2020, the CheckFire brochure was launched exclusively as a digital download, to not only support with the reduction in paper and carbon footprint via it’s delivery, but in-line with our commitment of taking thorough measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our Distribution Centre operates a Lean Management System. This means studying the location of stock, and travel routes to the stock, to keep the travel distances with forklifts, personnel etc to a minimum. The most frequently sold products are nearest to the packing hub which saves forklift energy and significant time reduction.

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