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We recycle fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are designed to last. And while proper care, annual servicing, and regular maintenance ensures units perform compliantly in the event of a fire, all fire extinguishers eventually need replacing or recycling. 


We understand that the safe disposal of fire extinguishers isn’t a simple process. The correct handling, storing, emptying, disposing, and recycling units is a complex operation, with different types of fire extinguisher all requiring different procedures. For whatever reason fire extinguishers reach the end of life, all can be successfully recycled. 


We recycle more than 11,500 fire extinguishers per month. Each element of a unit is recycled and used. Find out more about our fire extinguishers scrap and recycling service below.

Benefits of recycling with CheckFire

Charged fire extinguishers should never simply be thrown in the bin. Not only is it more responsible to recycle, doing so comes with a multitude of benefits.


Fire extinguishers are pressurised containers that are potentially dangerous when crushed. Recycling fire extinguishers helps keep the planet safer, helping to reduce carbon emissions, reducing global warming, and pollution. This is crucial for protecting ecosystems and wildlife, which can be harmed by chemicals inside units being disposed into open drains or waterways.


As well as an environmental hazard, improperly disposing of fire extinguishers (particularly in an enclosed space) can put an individual’s health at risk, as well as people closeby. For example, CO2 fire extinguishers are extremely cold when dispensed, while powder units can cause mild eye irritation. Disposal should be handled by a professional facility, such as CheckFire.


As fire extinguishers get older, the cost of maintaining and repairing them can increase costs and chances of not being legally compliant. With low-cost fire extinguishers for trade customers, buying a new high-performance unit and recycling an old one can make more financial sense. 


Knowing how to dispose of fire extinguishers safely can be puzzling. And with such careful measures that need to be taken, and it’s a lot easier to let a professional handle it. Our approved recycling centre will ensure total compliance to strict regulations, while giving peace of mind that no damage is done to the planet.

Start recycling with CheckFire

As well as our premium-quality fire protection products from market-leading brands, we’re delighted to be able to support our trade customers with our fire extinguisher scrap and recycling service. You can find the CheckFire Recycling Centre just down the road from our Head Office in Caerphilly:

CheckFire Ltd – Recycling Facility
Unit 10B, 37 Sir Alfred Owen Way
Pontygwindy Industrial Estate
CF83 3TH

Recycling with us is simple

Types of fire extinguishers we collect

Most standard fire extinguishers can be safely recycled, especially if they have a steel body. We take all kinds of fire extinguishers to recycle, including:

Recycle with us

If a fire extinguisher is deemed unusable, obsolete or beyond repair during a fire risk assessment, follow these three simple steps to start recycling with us. For more information, contact us to learn more.


Arrange collection or drop-off

There is the option to either arrange a collection of your scrap using our courier service or, should you be local, you can drop-off to our  Recycling Centre. Please contact the Customer Care Team who would be more than happy to help with booking you in. 


Safety First

To ensure safety at all times, we ask for your support in adhering to a short list of measures when using our recycling service, of which you will find here



Recycling Centre

All scrap fire extinguishers are then worked through our Recycling Centre where a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is created for customer records. Materials are then collected by our fully licensed scrap-shredder partner for their onward journey. 


A. Unless they’re empty, fire extinguishers are classified as hazardous waste. CheckFire is licensed and insured for fire extinguisher scrap and recycling to help individuals and businesses dispose of high-pressure units safely.
A. We have a strict process for recycling fire extinguishers. Whether you’ve arranged a collection, or you plan to drop your scrap units off to our Recycling Centre, all fire extinguishers, whether pressurised or unpressurised, must be pinned and tagged for safety reasons. For collections, scrap will only be collected in CheckFire transport crates, again, for safety reasons. Any units that aren’t presented in this way will unfortunately be refused. We also ask customers to fill out our Extinguisher Disposal Count to assist with the booking in of scrap units. Upon arrival at our Recycling Centre, units are then sorted according to fire extinguisher type, then carefully discharged into the appropriate collection tanks. Everything from steel handles to brass valves to plastic cylinder skirts are put into the material’s corresponding collection bin, then passed to our specialist processors for recycling.
A. As pressurised containers filled with hazardous waste, disposing of fire extinguishers incorrectly can be harmful to the environment, human health, and entire ecosystems. Specialist processors such as CheckFire are crucial to ensure safe and responsible discharging of chemicals and recycling of materials.
A. Externally, fire extinguishers are made up of materials which are great for recycling. These include a steel pressurised cylinder, valve made from brass or aluminium, rubber hose, and sometimes, a plastic cylinder skirt. There are different types of fire extinguishers for different classes of fire. This means the extinguishing agents inside are all different, from dry powder to wet chemical.
A. Our recycling facility is just down the road from our head office in Caerphilly at the following address: CheckFire Recycling Centre Unit 10B 37 Sir Alfred Owen Way Pontygwindy Industrial Estate Caerphilly CF83 3TH

Eco-friendly fire extinguishers

The UK government regularly updates schemes and targets for carbon-saving measures. As a result, more businesses are employing sustainability strategies in day-to-day practices. Fire safety provision isn’t something that can be compromised, but many of our high-performance units help meet environmental objectives and strengthen eco credentials. CommanderEDGE 6ltr Water Mist contains zero additives for a strong, eco-friendly fire fighting solution. Meanwhile, our CommanderEDGE EnviroFoam has a low fluorine content to ensure foam is less harmful to the planet than regular foams. 

Become a Trade Customer

If you’re in the trade and want to learn more about how to become a CheckFire customer, visit our dedicated Trade Customer page for more information.