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Fire Extinguisher Recycling

We recycle fire extinguishers

We understand that safely disposing of fire extinguishers isn’t a simple process. Disposing and recycling fire extinguishers correctly is a complex operation, with different types of fire extinguisher all requiring different procedures. But, whatever reason units reach the end of life, all can be successfully recycled with our fire extinguisher collection and recycling service.

Each element of a fire extinguisher is dismantled by the CheckFire team, then recycled and used to support infrastructure overseas. Find out how to recycle a fire extinguisher with us below.

Recycling fire extinguishers, made simple

Our impact with recycling

Together with our customers, in 2023 our fire extinguisher recycling UK service achieved a lot:


tonne of fire extinguishers recycled


which is equal to this many Commander 6ltr Foam Fire Extinguishers


tonne of fire extinguisher cardboard packaging recycled

Why recycle fire extinguishers with CheckFire?

Charged fire extinguishers should never simply be thrown in general waste. Not only is it more responsible to recycle fire extinguishers, doing so comes with a multitude of benefits.


Fire extinguishers are pressurised containers that are potentially dangerous when crushed. Recycling fire extinguishers, rather than disposing of them, is the most responsible thing to do – it helps keep the planet safer, reduce carbon emissions, global warming, and pollution. This protects ecosystems and wildlife, which can be harmed by chemicals inside units being disposed into open drains or waterways.



As well as an environmental hazard, improperly disposing of fire extinguishers (particularly in an enclosed space) can put an individual’s health at risk, as well as people close by. For example, CO2 fire extinguishers are extremely cold when dispensed, while powder units can cause mild eye irritation. Fire extinguisher disposal should be handled by a professional facility, such as CheckFire.


As fire extinguishers get older, the cost of repairing them can increase costs and chances of not being legally compliant. With low-cost fire extinguishers for trade customers, buying a new high-performance unit and getting in touch with us to recycle old fire extinguishers can make more financial sense. Plus, it’s good for business – customers want to shop with businesses that prioritise sustainability.


Knowing how to dispose of fire extinguishers safely can be confusing. The time it takes to empty and dismantle fire extinguishers alone, plus transportation costs, means profit is more likely lost. Plus, incorrect disposal is a criminal offence, so for peace of mind and a solid business reputation, it’s a lot easier and quicker to get help from a professional facility, such as our approved fire extinguisher recycling UK centre.

Start recycling fire extinguishers with CheckFire

Fire extinguishers deemed unusable, obsolete, or beyond repair during a fire risk assessment? Follow these three simple steps to start recycling fire extinguishers securely with us. For more information, get in touch.


Arrange collection or drop-off

It’s easy to arrange fire extinguisher collection and recycling by getting in touch with our Customer Care Team. We’ll pick up, or those local to a CheckFire Ltd depot can book in and drop units with us in person.


Prepare fire extinguishers

Before collection or drop-off, we ask for your support in adhering to a short list of safety measures to ensure safety at all times when using our fire extinguisher recycling service.


Recycled at our centre

Once authorised and arranged, all scrap fire extinguishers are then processed, sorted, dismantled, and recycled at our fire extinguisher recycling UK centre. A Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is created for customer records, then materials are collected by our fully licensed scrap-shredder partner for their onward journey.

Where to recycle fire extinguishers

CheckFire Ltd – Fire Extinguisher Recycling UK
Unit 10B, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate
CF83 3HU

Local to the area? Simply drop off your old fire extinguishers to the team at our designated fire extinguisher recycling facility after booking in with our Customer Care Team.

Types of fire extinguishers we collect

Most standard fire extinguishers can be safely recycled, especially if they have a steel body. We recycle fire extinguishers of many types, including:

Become a Trade Customer

If you’re in the trade and want to learn more about how to become a CheckFire customer, visit our dedicated Trade Customer page for more information.

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