Need a new set of wheels? We’ve got just the units!

Wheeled extinguishers provide the ultimate fire protection for larger industrial sites.
The robustness and portability of our trolley units means that they can easily be manoeuvred whilst still carry high volumes of firefighting mediums, which makes them the optimum choice of fire safety equipment for your industrial customers.





CO2 Trolley Units
Available in 10kg and 20kg Units and ideal for live electrical equipment risks as well as flammable liquid risks. They’re incredibly efficient to manoeuvre by just one person!



Powder Trolley Units 
Suited to multi-class fire risks found at various commercial and industrial settings such as such as large fuel stations.



AFF Foam Trolley Units
Designed to tackle large Class A and Class B fires typically associated with larger industrial environments such as warehouses.



All of our trolleys are equipped with strong handles for the ultimate control, robust framework for maximum security and rugged wheels to tackle all terrain – they really are an effective, efficient and extremely reliable source of fire safety equipment when mobility is crucial.


For a limited time only, we’re offering these wheeled units at incredibly discounted rates*

So don’t hang around, once they’re gone they’re gone!

For more information on our range of Wheeled Trolley Units, whether that be their application, pricing or technical support then please get in touch. We’d love to chat some more!


*Subject to stock availability, whilst stocks last. Stock dated January 2017 – June 2017.


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  • by Daniel Robins


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