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Introducing the all-new LFX fire extinguisher range

As the world evolves, the way we live evolves. Which means fire safety measures need to be one step ahead of new risks, always. With statistics showing lithium-ion battery fires having quadrupled in number since 2020, the CheckFire team has been working behind the scenes on an important range of fire extinguishers, specifically designed to tackle the unique dangers posed by lithium-ion battery fires.

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We’re NTA-certified

While there currently isn’t a recognised BS EN3 certificate for portable fire extinguishers on the use of lithium-ion battery fires, KIWA and the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute developed a technical guideline to test the suitability of portable fire extinguishers for lithium-ion battery fires with capacities up to 600 Wh.

We’re extremely proud to announce that our CommanderEDGE LFX 6ltr and 9ltr fire extinguishers are NTA 8133 approved – the 6ltr being the first of it’s size in Europe to achieve this certification!

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Which LFX fire extinguisher is right for you?

The Watt-hour (Wh) rating of a battery is a critical factor in determining the appropriate LFX fire extinguisher. As the Wh rating increases, so do the potential fire risks, as well as the size of the fire extinguisher required.

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  • The 3ltr LFX fire extinguisher is best used for devices up to 300Wh such as:

    Smartphone (1)

    Smartphones & Tablets

    Laptop (1)


    New Project (16)


  • The 6LTR LFX fire extinguisher is best used for devices up to 600Wh in these areas:

    New Project (10)

    Supermarket Self Scanners

    New Project (11)


  • The 9LTR LFX fire extinguisher is best used for devices up to 900Wh in these areas:

    New Project (12)

    Electric Bikes

    New Project (13)

    Electric Scooters

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