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Think Green? Act Green …

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly fire safety solution that can tackle Class A and Class B fires? Then look no further, we have just the fire extinguisher… 

The 6ltr EnviroFoam fire extinguisher from CommanderEDGE is a true market leader with a difference. Not only does this innovative unit boast an outstanding 27A 183B rating, making it a high performer against Class A and B fires, but its foam concentrate is extremely environmentally friendly.

It’s designed to meet the requirements of the Milieukeur standard and its low fluorine content (less than 0.04%) ensures the foam is less harmful to the environment than regular foams, should an external discharge occur. The EnviroFoam is also Kitemarked to BS EN3, which further strengthens assurance of its dependable design and manufacture.

You can open new markets, provide a superior product, and show your customers that you have something more to offer.


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  • by Toria Jones

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