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The weather is changing…

As the cold weather begins to set in across the UK, water and foam fire extinguishers are at risk to the harsh winter elements, including their contents freezing – rendering them useless in the event of a fire.

At CheckFire, we offer a range of pre-filled low freeze additive fire extinguishers, as well as a variety of Commander storage solutions to protect fire extinguishers from the elements, in order to support you and your customers through the coming Autumn and Winter months.

Ensure fire safety equipment is prepared and protected

Low Freeze Additive Fire Extinguishers

To support throughout the colder months, a number of Commander Water and Foam fire extinguishers are pre-filled with a low freeze additive (LFA), which prevents the contents of the unit from freezing in winter weather conditions.

Commander Cabinets

For reassurance fire extinguishers in an outdoor setting will be effective, it’s vital to provide adequate protection against bad weather, as well as vandalism and accidental damage. Commander Cabinets can help to support you with this British Standards requirement.

Fire Point Stands and Trolleys

Trolleys and Fire Point Stands ensure all relevant fire safety equipment and ancillaries are both stored efficiently and easily transportable, offering the utmost practicality.

Fire Extinguisher Covers

With large viewing windows for quick identification and Velcro straps, our PVC fire extinguisher covers provide an economical and unobtrusive solution.

Commander Single Site Alarm

The NEW Commander Single Site alarm features an incredibly loud siren and bright flashing strobe as well as a water resistant seal and durable outer case.

Prep for 2024

As the new year approaches, it’s crucial to ensure toolkits are prepped with fire extinguisher service equipment in readiness for 2024. At CheckFire, we have all that you need to support.

Become a Trade Customer

If you’re in the trade and want to learn more about how to become a CheckFire customer, visit our dedicated Trade Customer page for more information.

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