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Keeping business on track as we look toward easing out of lockdown

It seems we are now working in a very different world and many of us will be unsure how to proceed when businesses are allowed to operate properly again. While the world might have changed, the basic principles of running a business haven’t. There’s now simply a need for a response plan focused on innovative thinking and agile working that’ll allow us to continue to adapt amid the new norms brought by a global crisis.

At CheckFire, we want to ensure our customers overcome these unprecedented challenges and emerge in a great position to continue to promote the value of fire safety equipment. We want to work with you to lead the way in ensuring fire safety doesn’t get left behind. We’ve been working on new and creative ways to assist your business as the country eases out of lockdown. Here, we explain how, by working together, we can ensure fire safety is still given the utmost attention it deserves.

Fire safety – whatever the setting

Fire safety legislation and fire-fighting equipment requirements are vital in every setting in every industry. But we appreciate that different settings have varying roles to play – so it can be of comfort to customers to know that fire extinguisher provision takes this into account. The Contempo range of fire extinguishers has been designed for those environments that may want to maintain an air of luxury – boutique hotels, prestigious restaurants and bars or exclusive shops, for example.

As you reach out to your customers to offer guidance, you may also want to consider raising awareness of the importance of the following products:


The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 state that fire safety signs are required and should be clear and legible within the premises. However, signs are often an overlooked product and so an opportunity presents itself to raise awareness of their importance. Signs play an integral part in fire safety as they help people escape to safety in an emergency. Head over to browse our range of signs now.

Extinguisher maintenance and protection

Fire extinguishers are vital – mandatory – pieces of life-saving equipment. But do your customers realise installation is only half the story? Unless correct measures are put in place to protect and maintain the units, they’re left vulnerable to corrosion, vandalism or accidental damage. It’s a requirement of British Standards that for extinguishers stored outside or in corrosive environments, steps should be taken to protect them and you should emphasise this to your customers. Without proper maintenance and protection, extinguishers are left exposed and therefore at risk of not performing in the event of an emergency. We offer extinguisher cabinets and covers, which are ideal protection from corrosion, vandalism or accidental damage.

Low freeze additive

Fire safety equipment stored outdoors or in areas that may be subject to colder conditions (industrial plants or factories, for example) require extra protection. As cold conditions take hold, water and foam extinguishers become vulnerable to freezing, which renders them useless in the event of a fire. A solution for this, and something to advise your customers of, is our low freeze additive for extinguishers. Raise awareness of the crucial role of the product and how it ensures extinguishers stored in colder conditions remain functional.

All-encompassing safety services

The need for security is paramount for any business – without it the consequences could be severe. The same can be said for fire safety. Failure to install the correct fire safety equipment and be compliant with legislation could mean devastating loss – to business, property and life.

If you offer security services such as CCTV, alarms and access control, you already have the infrastructure in place to help create a safer environment for people and businesses. Why not extend your operations by offering fire safety equipment and services? We feel this could be an excellent opportunity for you to grow and diversify your business, while aligning with your current offerings. 

Interested in supplying fire safety equipment and services? Contact our sales team today.

Helping local businesses

Sadly, many local businesses have suffered as a result of the global pandemic and had no choice but to shut down. Now more than ever, local businesses will be looking up to those who have the infrastructure and willingness to help and support them.

Here we list a few options that may really benefit your local businesses:

– Offer discounts for long-term contracts – Would you be willing to offer them a free servicing package? – Are you able to give them a free or discounted rate for fire extinguisher training? – Do you have the capability to offer different payment plans (such as, pay a deposit and then set up a monthly direct debit)?

Giving local businesses generosity in these uncertain times will undoubtedly build trust and loyalty in the long term. And further down the line, we would like to think they will remember how you helped them through these difficult times and return the favour by coming to you for your services or recommending you to other people.

If you would like some additional advice, contact our marketing team and we will assist you as best we can.

The content of the CheckFire blog is for general information purposes only. While we make every effort to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, under no circumstances should it be considered professional advice. Any reliance you place on the information is at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a fire professional for your particular circumstances and requirements.
  • by Toria Jones

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