When form meets functionality: the newly developed Commander range is coming

With its guaranteed reliable performance and its renowned standing, it’s little wonder the Commander range is a firmly established market leader. And now this respected fire extinguisher collection is getting a makeover.

The Commander fire extinguishers, which have become a trusted friend of the fire trade, have been remodelled and enhanced. Introducing the new generation of models, arriving in January 2019. Because the Commander range is used extensively in the fire trade as a service exchange product, we’ve listened to your needs for a certified equivalent and present models that don’t compromise on quality or performance. Expect the same proven high performance you’ve become accustomed to before now with increased fire ratings, refreshed aesthetics and BS EN3 Kitemark certification*.


Your new-look fire defence
Commander has built on its remarkable reputation and the developed range consists of two new units in water, foam and powder fire extinguishers with impressively increased fire ratings. These sturdy units are built to last and can withstand even the most extreme environments – they provide the perfect combination of performance, quality and value. Take a closer look at the new releases:


Water extinguishers 

Commander is releasing a six-litre Water Plus with a 21A fire rating and a nine-litre Water Plus with a 27A rating. Rely on these units to tackle Class A fires (those involving combustible materials). They’re often the preferred choice for busy places like offices or schools but most buildings are required to have either a water or foam extinguisher.


Foam extinguishers

The six-litre and nine-litre foam units have a 21A 144B and 27A 144B fire rating, respectively. Ideal for Class B (flammable liquids) fires and a recommended choice for Class A (combustible materials) risk areas, these extinguishers are extremely versatile. You might want to consider this type of extinguisher in offices, hospitals, residential properties and warehouses or other buildings used for storing flammable liquids.


Powder extinguishers 

These highly effective extinguishers are multi-purpose – they can tackle nearly all types of fire. The new ABC Powder releases consist of a 6kg unit with a rating of 43A 233B C and 9kg unit with a rating of 55A 233B C. These extinguishers aren’t appropriate for offices and other enclosed spaces but are ideal for garage forecourts or businesses that frequently use flammable gases, for example.


The new releases have a lengthy five-year warranty attached to them and are easy to service. Plus, there’s a full range of spare parts available.

The new models will be with us in January but you can register your interest by sending us your details, take a look at the full Commander range now.

Also readily available is the Commander & CommanderEDGE Data Card which lists technical data for both ranges.


*Developments only apply to the 6ltr, 9ltr, 6kg and 9kg models.


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  • by Toria Jones


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