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We understand there’s a lot to consider in terms of protecting staff and students to ensure there are no outbreaks of COVID-19 in both education settings and offices, however fire safety should not be forgotten. Fire safety in such environments is equally as important as protecting staff and students from a potential coronavirus outbreak. We want to help schools and offices return to business and education as normal, with a reminder to ensure that everyone is aware of the revised fire escape plan, that fire extinguishers are properly stored safely in high traffic areas and the importance of the service and maintenance of extinguishers.

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Fire safety in schools

While it’s been a difficult 18 months for schools across the country, fire safety regulations have remained important throughout. While social distancing measures may have resulted in changes to procedures, such as fire extinguisher placement, evacuation routes and assembly points, the duties of the responsible person...

POSTED 23.07.2021 | BY Toria Jones


We want to support our customers in any way we can, especially when it comes to installing all aspects of fire safety. Please see below for a selection of downloadable content we think will be useful for you.


A. Fire extinguishers play a vital role in any fire protection plan in any environment. They are a first aid response to fire and can help prevent catastrophic damage to property and even loss of life. Read more about the importance of fire extinguishers here.
A. Should a fire take hold, it’s imperative that people and staff in the building know where vital fire-fighting equipment is located and are confident they’ll be picking up the right fire extinguisher appropriate for the class of fire it’s being used on. Extinguishers are quickly identified by their colour – a colour coded label is placed along the top of the extinguisher to announce its type and contents. Find out more here.
A. It’s the business premises and property owner’s responsibility to ensure that measures are taken to reduce the risk of extinguishers being vandalised, stolen or subject to wear and tear in high traffic areas. This is especially important in a school where there are high volumes of pupils and staff hallways and corridors leaving extinguishers potentially vulnerable to damage or misuse. The requirement of safely storing fire extinguishers is also stipulated in the British Standards. Find out more about keeping your fire safety equipment protected here.
A. Portable extinguishers can be the means of escape as well as fighting the fire so it’s vital you know that they are compliant. It’s recommended that all types of fire extinguishers undergo a service to ensure they have not been tampered with and are able to perform to their full potential if a fire was to start. Best practice recommends a responsible person should use a competent person to maintain your fire safety equipment and, as a minimum, this should be undertaken once a year in accordance with BS 5306-3:2017. Find out more about the importance of fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance here.
A. You will need to consider and have in place fire detection and warning systems, fire fighting equipment and emergency route and exit signage. Every escape plan should also include multiple escape routes, that are clearly sign posted with an emergency exit sign, so there are several options if a fire was to block the nearest exit. On returning to the office or educational environment, ensuring that everyone on the premises is aware of your fire escape plan is vitally important. This is especially important as your escape plan has most likely been revised as a result of social distancing. The best way to ensure that people understand the procedure is to hold regular fire drills and provide frequent training. Find out more about the importance of a fire escape plan here.
A. Rapid-10 is an anti-viral surface disinfectant that eliminates and protects against several enveloped viruses similar to COVID-19, achieving 99.9-99.99% kill ratio across the testing range. Simply spray the sanitiser in and around the environment prior to commencing activity for complete peace of mind. Find out more about Rapid-10 here.

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Bruce is the longest standing member of our sales team. Having grown up in the fire trade, Bruce has experience in nearly every corner of fire safety. He loves to work with customers on ways in which we can support and grow together, get in touch for more information on how we can help you.

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