Prioritising all-important high performance in fire extinguishers

To fulfil British safety regulations, fire extinguishers must be installed in all publicly used buildings. For spaces or circumstances that require a superior fire extinguisher to offer protection against high hazard, frequent use or extreme conditions, you need to be confident you’re installing a suitable, extremely efficient model. Here, we take a look at our highest-performing extinguishers that provide a versatile solution appropriate for the setting’s fire risk.

MultiCHEM from CommanderEDGE

This ABF-rated fire extinguisher is among the most innovative on the market – and it’s exclusive to CheckFire. The multi-purpose MultiCHEM is most commonly used on Class A fires (those involving materials like paper and wood), but it can also be used on Class B (ignited from flammable liquids) and Class F fires (involving cooking oils and deep-fat fryers) too. This groundbreaking and brilliantly versatile extinguisher is suitable for almost any environment, whether that’s commercial kitchens, offices or retail spaces.

The six-litre MultiCHEM model has a 34A 233 rating, which is the industry’s highest for the size. It’s also available in two and three-litre models that each have their own respective high ratings, proving that high performance isn’t dependent on size. Find out more about how the MultiCHEM fire extinguisher and how it works by heading over to our guide.

EnviroFOAM from CommanderEDGE

With more businesses prioritising greener and more sustainable products to keep in line with governmental targets and environmentally-minded objectives, this innovative unit can help to reduce the impact on the environment. The six-litre EnviroFoam is a true market leader with a more environmentally friendly formula than a regular foam fire extinguisher. It boasts a truly outstanding performance of 27A 183B fire rating. It’s perfect for settings where economical running is a priority – for example: supermarkets and office spaces. It has also passed the 35kVa dielectric test and is fully compliant with BSEN3-7 :2004 Clause 9 – a dielectric test for water-based extinguishers.

Compact Plus and Compact 34 from Commander

Water extinguishers are commonly installed in office space, hospitals and schools because of how effectively they can tackle Class A fires (those involving paper, wood and soft furnishing). Commander has released an impressive compact water range, which is ideal for areas that are tight on space but still require the high performance expected from an extinguisher. It comprises of the three-litre Compact Plus extinguisher, as well as the six-litre Compact 34, which has an additive for greater knockdown properties and higher performance than standard water units. It achieves a class-leading 34A fire rating and is a great choice for hotels.  

Fire extinguisher choice is entirely dependent on the environment and its fire risk. However, whatever the type and size, there should never be a compromise on performance – and CheckFire is proud to offer some of the most innovative extinguishers on the market. Want to know more? Get in touch and we can advise on which high-performance extinguisher can best meet your requirements.

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  • by Toria Jones