MultiCHEM: The latest in high-performance fire extinguishers

Multi-class fire extinguishers aren’t anything new to the market. Efficient and effective, these extinguishers are suitable for use on two or more classes of fires and their presence has proved invaluable in many industries and applications. The market was calling out for an efficient ABF-rated solution and while several options exist, CheckFire identified a need for a fuss-free, simple-to-use extinguisher that breaks the mould. The result is the innovative MultiCHEM from CommanderEDGE.

Here we take a look at the benefits of this groundbreaking extinguisher.

Putting safety first

Our primary concern was providing the ultimate in safety and simplicity. In the heat of the moment, it’s all too easy to grab the wrong extinguisher, resulting in potentially disastrous consequences. Keeping things simple and ensuring only one extinguisher is within arm’s reach removes the risk of making an incorrect selection at a pivotal time*. The extinguisher also had to be easy to operate with fast knock down. There’s no specialist training required – this is just a simple and powerful firefighting solution right in your hands. No other ABF-rated fire extinguisher can match the combined fire rating of the MultiCHEM – it’s a powerful and capable unit.

In our opinion, peace of mind is mandatory – especially with regards to life safety equipment. There shouldn’t be any uncertainty as to whether your fire safety equipment is reliable and up to standard. That’s why we’ve invested in a wide array of accreditations for the MultiCHEM. Kitemarked, MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approved and MPA Dresden certified, we have a full portfolio of recognised and respected approvals.


Meeting industry standards

Compliance is key. Fire safety equipment must be maintained in accordance with relevant industry standards. The MultiCHEM can be serviced in full accordance to BS5306:3 standard, bringing you further peace of mind that you are fully compliant with fire safety laws.

The MultiCHEM range is extensive and its two-litre and three-litre options offer lightweight dimensions in an extremely powerful extinguisher.

What’s more, we’ve ensured these peak-performance products are cost effective so you could even come in under budget and make a saving.

Ideal for commercial kitchens, communal spaces in HMOs and retail spaces, MultiCHEM is the fast-thinking, simple solution for tackling fires. 

Considering how MultiCHEM could work in your space? Contact us to find out more about this revolutionary fire extinguisher.



*MutliCHEM is an ABF rated fire extinguisher and is not to be used on C class fires and is for inadvertent use only on electrical fires up to 35kVa.

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  • by Stephen Robins