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Stay Protected This Winter


Freezol has been specifically designed as a low-freeze additive for fire extinguishers.Providing protection from temperatures as low as -20°C without sacrificing on performance – it’s the perfect solution for both water and foam. Not got the time to add in Freezol? Not to worry, we have pre-filled extinguishers readily available in stock – so you’re all set and ready to go!

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Manufactured from UV-resistant PVC along with a clear viewing window, our extinguisher covers provide the ultimate climate protection without comprising on efficiency.
Medium Cover: Suitable for extinguishers up to 6kg
Large Cover: Suitable for extinguishers up to 12kg

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Whilst built tough enough to withstand all sorts of accidental damage, Commander cabinets also provide durable and reliable fire extinguisher protection from harsh weather conditions, as well as protection from chemicals.

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  • by Toria Jones

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