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Rapid-10: Getting everybody back to work safely

As we continue to ease out of lockdown and parts of the UK begin to gradually return to the workplace, employers and building owners must consider detailed risk assessment and plan how daily working will continue under government guidelines. Top of that list is thoroughly sanitised surfaces and keeping employees and customers safe, whatever setting you may be returning to. 

Here, we introduce Rapid-10, a portable sanitising solution, to the fire trade and explain how it protects against viruses and which roles in particular it is most suitable for.

What is Rapid-10?  

Rapid-10 is a high-performing sanitiser with antimicrobial properties for protection of all types of hard surfaces. An anti-viral surface disinfectant, it’s been laboratory-tested against ‘enveloped’ viruses similar to COVID-19 and achieves a 99.9-99.99% kill ratio across the testing range. Tested against a number of viruses, including herpes simplex virus type 1, H1N1, HIV and Hepatitis B – it’s proven to kill microorganisms in under five minutes. Plus, Rapid-10’s active ingredient has known virocidal activity against the SARS-CoV variant.

In its large portable unit, with a shoulder strap, this is an easy way to spray sanitise large or small areas. What’s more, Rapid-10 is kind on the environment too thanks to its all-natural formulation process – it contains zero alcohol. 

Where is Rapid-10 most suitable for use?

This high-performance antimicrobial agent is suitable for use almost anywhere. Get immediate peace of mind that environments like offices, warehouses, schools, supermarkets, care homes and wedding venues are safe for workers and visitors. Transport vehicles, like buses and trains, or emergency vehicles can also be sanitised thoroughly within minutes.
For the fire trade, Rapid-10 comes highly recommended. Engineers will benefit from this source of practical, mobile protection as they work across various settings and carry out extinguisher installations and inspections. The spray is simple to use yet puts engineers in control of their own safety and gives them peace of mind they’re leaving behind protected surfaces for further use.

All CheckFire customers could benefit from supplying Rapid-10 as a product or service to their customers. Offer them an innovative product that guarantees protection for their employees in the workplace.

What are Rapid-10’s key features?

– This portable sanitising solution has many important features, including:
– It’s effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses.
– It works to prevent further reinfections.
– A simple discharge in the form of a light mist.
– It dries within 10 minutes.
– The six-litre unit covers up to 550sqm.
– It offers portable protection in environments featuring high volumes of people.
– It has a shoulder strap for ease of application.
– It’s environmentally friendly – natural ingredients are biodegradable and have no aquatic toxicity.

CheckFire is proud to stock Rapid-10 and recommends this innovative and easy-to-use product to all returning businesses and work environments. The fire trade can play its part in helping the UK resume as normal a service as possible – while protecting its employees.

Read more about Rapid-10 or contact us for more information as to how Rapid-10 can easily slot into your daily protective measures.

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  • by Amy Moseley

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