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Introducing the new Commander Safety Box

For a storage solution to protect equipment from outdoor weather conditions and misuse, CheckFire introduces to the market the Commander Safety Box. With its innovative design, alarm security and reinforced and non-deformable structure, the box is ideally suited for all outdoor applications.

Brand new and innovative

For vast outdoor spaces that require fire safety equipment, this time of year brings even more need to ensure their protection so they work as expected in the event of a fire. The Commander Storage Box is an ideal storage solution for four 6ltr water, foam or 6kg powder fire extinguishers in various outdoor settings. Made of polypropylene by injection moulding, its solidity and durability is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

The Commander Storage Box ensures businesses and buildings are in compliance with British Standards, which stipulates that all reasonable measures must be taken to protect fire safety equipment from damage, vandalism and accidental discharge etc.

The finer details

This storage solution has plenty to ensure it stands out in the market. Key features of the Commander Safety Box include ergonomic handles for easy carrying, as well as space for a padlock. It’s highly resistant to water, UV rays and high and low temperatures and its internal TPE seal protects against dust and water ingress. The box also has high resistance to flammability and fuel and lubricating oil. Plus, it has an added security measurement with the option of fitting the Commander Contact Alarm and a smooth, soft lid to support with sign application. All this makes the box ideal for caravan parks, garage forecourts, aviation spaces, construction sites, industrial sites and festivals. Large spaces like these traditionally have 9ltr fire extinguishers installed to ensure there’s enough protection to cover the size of the area should a fire break out. However, the Commander range’s higher ratings mean its 6ltr extinguisher fire ratings are more than high enough for this application – making the Commander Safety Box a viable and cost-effective option.

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  • by Toria Jones

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