Introducing our new tubular fire extinguisher stand

While it’s imperative the right fire extinguisher is installed according to its surroundings, it’s arguably just as important for it to be presented and protected in the right way too.

Use of a stand or cabinet protects fire extinguishers from corrosion, vandalism or tampering and accidental damage. A stand can even be the ideal solution to hold and maintain a fire extinguisher without having to fix brackets to the wall. Where aesthetics play a key role in the landscape, a tubular stand complements minimal design and discreetly houses this vital piece of fire-fighting equipment. And CheckFire is launching a brand new stand.


Modern and beautifully understated

Our new metal tubular stand is sleek and modern yet still provides an obvious fire point should an emergency arise. The stand is available in a variety of finishes so you can specify according to the interior design it’s to become part of. It’s available in a variety of finishes – Original Red as well as Stainless Steel, Polished Gold and Antique Copper of the Contempo range. Plus, you can choose it in either a single or double stand according to the setting and your requirements.

The stand holds extinguishers in sizes 2kg-9kg (with the exception of the 5kgy CO2 extinguisher) and has space for ID signs to help potential users clearly identify its type. A main advantage of the tubular stand is the lack of drilling or fixing required in installation. The stand sits freely and doesn’t in anyway interfere with paintwork or other features within the space. It can also be easily moved around should the fire risks relocate.

These strong units are ideally suited to the modern interiors of offices, bars and restaurants and car showrooms, for example.

Want to know more about the benefits of stands? Take a look at the new tubular stand now or get in touch to speak to the CheckFire team.





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  • by Toria Jones