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Fire safety products for the year ahead

It’s been a year unlike any other – one in which the fire safety sector has had little choice but to adapt amid such a fast-paced national crisis. And with the situation around the country now ever-changing, fire safety provisions must fall in line with, and be amended according to, these fluid environments. The world has changed. More people are working from home, which brings fire safety considerations in itself. But for those working in their regular environment, while fire safety regulations and obligations haven’t changed, there’s now a lot more to bear in mind. There’s a need to consider the impact of social distancing provisions, for example, and access to fire safety and escape routes shouldn’t be compromised.

Here, we highlight products that must be prioritised for competent and thorough fire extinguisher services and maintenance so you can better prepare your customers for 2021.

Pull-tite seals
Also known as anti-tamper seals, pull-tite seals are an important supply in a service engineer’s kit. Extinguisher service complete, a pull-tite seal is fitted to show it’s passed inspection and hasn’t been tampered with or accidentally discharged.

Year gauge dots
A small round sticker (available in various colours), a year gauge dot clearly identifies when an extinguisher’s last service was and confirms the gauge was tested. The stickers have the year date printed on them.

Service labels
Another servicing essential, these labels provide a quick and easily accessed update on the status of the extinguisher following its inspection. If it’s found to be defective, BS 5306-3:2017 requires they’re categorised as either ‘condemned’ (and should be safely disposed of) or ‘corrective action required.’ If work is required on the extinguisher to ensure it’s fit for purpose, a ‘corrective action required’ label must be attached to the unit until the work has been satisfactorily completed.

Fire safety log book
Every business, building and commercial premises should have a log book, which records all fire safety checks and findings. This includes results of maintenance and inspection of fire escape routes and exits, fire drills and fire safety equipment like extinguishers. Ultimately, this document exists to provide evidence the premises is legally compliant. It should be made readily available to employees, building users and service engineers – and it’s always handy to have them in engineers’ kits.

The engineer’s toolkit
CheckFire supplies engineer toolkits (standard or advanced kits). Our basic kit contains essential items and tools needed to carry out a standard fire extinguisher service – including year indicator dots, gauge testers and spanners. Meanwhile, the advanced kit includes everything found in the standard kit, as well as items like a digital scale, LED inspection lamp and a V clamp. Engineers can be confident they have every tool to hand in a carry box.

CheckFire remains your one-stop shop for all fire safety products and content marketing support as we head into a new year. Take a look at our Christmas opening and delivery times below and get in touch if you’d like to work with us to educate your customers on the importance of fire safety provisions in ever-changing environments.

  • by Toria Jones

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