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Ensuring fire safety during holiday park season

As the COVID-19 vaccines make their way across the country, the tourism industry is waiting eagerly to start up again. However, when it comes time for holiday parks to invite customers again, there will be a number of regulations to consider – some old and some new. It’s important to keep your employees and customers safe during the transition out of lockdown, ready for what’s predicted to be a ‘staycation boom’ this summer.

Here, we discuss how to ensure your fire safety equipment and practises are ready for your holiday park’s reopening, with a focus on protecting lives from both fire and the virus.

Fire risk assessment

While social distancing may come to an end after COVID-19, it is likely that businesses will still have to demonstrate emergency procedures and plans for the event of a future pandemic. Naturally, other contingency plans, such as fire safety must be considered alongside this, beginning with a fire risk assessment. Having experienced a global pandemic, fire risk assessments should pay attention to the need for social distancing during evacuation, keenly focusing on optimal routes, and prepare for the possibility of staff shortages. This can be especially critical if your designated fire safety officer is self-isolating. Ensure your risk assessments are up to date and in line with government guidelines, and that, ahead of reopening, all staff are aware of their individual responsibilities in the event of a fire.

Well-placed fire safety equipment

In the event of a fire, it is vital that safety equipment is well maintained and clearly placed at accessible points throughout your park. This means smoke detectors within caravans, site alarms to warn visitors as quickly as possible and appropriate fire extinguishers. Units situated outdoors must be protected, as per the British Standards on fire safety, which requires that extinguishers are appropriately maintained and protected from accidental damage, vandalism and extreme weather conditions if outside. Expert storage solutions, such as the renowned Commander Safety Box, can house up to four 6ltr extinguishers, protecting them from damage and adverse weather conditions. The Commander Safety Box is also fitted with a contact alarm, meaning that its use will activate an alert to fire or attempted tampering. However, this is no replacement for a designated site alarm, which will ring throughout the whole park and alert a greater number of occupants. 

Keeping your park clean

When it comes to reopening your holiday park, rigorous regular cleaning processes will need to be in place. Door handles and counter tops, or areas with a high volume of footfall, should be sanitised frequently to reduce the risk of COVID-19, or a future virus, spreading. Our high-performance Rapid-10 sanitiser, with its antimicrobial properties, is designed specifically for this nature of quick and frequent use, being portable and easy to use. It is also laboratory-tested against viruses similar to COVID-19 and achieves a 99.9-99.99% kill ratio. This allows you to sanitise inside and between caravans, shop fronts, shared communal spaces, or even shuttle transport, in a matter of minutes. The video below demonstrates just how quick, easy and effective Rapid 10 is.

Suitable extinguishers

Different classes of fire require different types of extinguisher. The correct extinguishers will be identified as a result of your fire risk assessment, according to the fire risk in the setting. Using an incorrect unit can make a fire worse and more difficult to manage. You should carefully consider the areas in which you place extinguishers and make fire blankets readily accessible to tackle clothing fires in small spaces, such as caravans. In addition, due to the long-term closure of holiday parks, your extinguishers may have been installed early last year, meaning that a thorough service by a competent person is now required.

The travel and leisure industry has been hit hard over the last year. Even now, with hotel-quarantines, travellers returning from abroad may have to isolate upon arrival, increasing the importance of hotel fire safety and management responsibility. Careful planning and installation of all the right equipment and processes will help ensure your business bounces back once lockdown measures are lessened.

Want a hand to get fire safety measures back up and running or need reassurance that you’ve everything in place to safely welcome back guests? Contact us today to discuss your situation.


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  • by Amy Moseley

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