Fire safety at festivals

As the music festival industry continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to ensure the safety of revellers and install the right fire safety equipment. With such a large congregation of people packed into one space, there could be more of a risk of accidental fire – that’s why providing comprehensive safety measures is a top priority. Here, we take a look at which fire safety equipment should always be present at a festival and consider what other steps can be taken to ensure attendees’ safety.

Conducting fire risk assessment
As in every case, preventative measures begin with a fire risk assessment. That means identifying potential hazards and areas and people at risk and planning and putting in place the necessary equipment for protection. Particular attention should be paid where large numbers of festival-goers will be camping, as tent materials are extremely flammable and the risks increase where people are likely to be building fires or open-air cooking. Reduce the risk of fire in camping areas by prohibiting open flames and instructing fire marshals to monitor the area.

There should be clear exits and signposted escape routes dotted throughout the grounds so people can make their way to safety should a fire break out. Plus, organisers of these events should consider putting out regular announcements as to what people can expect to happen during an emergency.

Providing the right fire safety equipment
The types of fire most likely to occur at a festival include Class A, B and C, so those whose origins are paper, wood and textiles, flammable liquids or flammable gases. That being the case, the MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is the most competent one to have on site. You can find out more about this versatile unit in our guide to MultiCHEM fire extinguishers.

The size of the festival will determine how many extinguishers are needed – and they should be placed adjacent to fire hazards alongside suitable signage that instructs of their usage. Servicing and regular maintenance of each piece of equipment is crucial. Festival organisers and attendees alike should be confident that the fire extinguisher will work as it’s supposed to in the event of a fire. Don’t run the risk of accidental discharge, vandalism or tampering rendering the unit useless when it’s needed most. Ensure further protective measures are taken with a fire extinguisher cabinet for peace of mind extinguishers won’t be accidentally damaged. Use a fire point stand as a means to clearly mark a central point for fire safety equipment and ensure instructions and fire escape routes are clearly signposted. All festival goers should be aware how to raise the alarm if they notice a fire breaking out – the CommandAlert Site Alarm has an incredible 115dB and LED strobe to alert all to danger.

At festivals where catering vans are present (and therefore more at risk of fire), the MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is available in different sizes to suit.

Want to know more about fire safety at festivals? Get in touch and we’ll talk you through which pieces of equipment are essential for the site.


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  • by Toria Jones