Fire Protection Products

fire protection

We supply a wide range of fire protection systems and products, for new-build and refurbishment.

Passive fire protection in buildings is critical for saving lives and preventing spread of fire. But it is a technical and complex field, requiring specialist knowledge across a huge range of potential situations. Our experience and expertise in this field is renowned, respected and relied upon.

We source products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, and only stock properly accredited and tested products. When persons’ lives are at risk, we believe there is no place for compromise on quality and performance.

Our Technical Team is available to help you with problems. We have earned a reputation for our ability to solve your fire stopping problems and provide you with a solution. And our huge stocks mean that when you need it fast, we can deliver on time.

The products we supply include:-

  • Intumescent Strip
  • Door Seals
  • Fire Door Hardware
  • Intumescent Air Transfer Grilles
  • Intumescent Glazing Products
  • Intumescent Foam and Sealants
  • Fire Barrier Products
  • Pipe Collars and Wraps
  • Tools and Accessories

To find out more about our range, or to request a catalogue, please email us