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Shipping Questions

Q: Do you ship to Ireland?

A: Yes, extinguishers via pallet and non-hazardous goods via TNT or DPD


Q: Do you offer next working day delivery?

A: Yes to all UK Mainland: Orders must be placed by 4:30pm for next working day delivery to all UK Mainland addresses and is subject to stock availability. 


Q: Do you offer weekend delivery?

A: Yes, but there is a premium to pay. Please contact us directly for more information


Q: Can you ship direct to site?

A: Yes, we can also include your paperwork


Q: Can you ship same day?

A: Yes, but there is a premium to pay and a timescale for arrangement.


Q: Can you collect from us?

A: Yes, place your order with the team and we’ll be in touch to let you know once it’s available for collection from our Warehouse


Company Questions

Q: What is CheckFire’s update on Brexit?

A: Please find our full official Brexit statement here.


Q: Do you offer BAFE training?

A: No, but IFEDA body hosts regular training events at our facilities. Call 0844 225 1800 for more information.


Q: Do you have a team of engineers who offer extinguisher installation and servicing?

A: No, we sell purely to the Fire Trade. Head over to our distributor page where you can browse through a list of CheckFire product stockists who may be able to help.


Q: Can you offer timed deliveries

A: Yes, we offer a multitude of early delivery options from 09.00am to AM delivery, from parcels to pallets.


Customer Services Questions

Q: Do you offer a branding service across your products?

A: Yes, but there are extra costs involved and a lead time on orders


Q: How do I open an account with CheckFire?

A: Contact our friendly team who can help; info@checkfire.co.uk or call us # !!


Q: Is the Contempo range compliant?

A: For fire extinguishers to be (distributed) in the UK they must be, as a minimum, be CE marked. The CE mark tells the user that the product complies with applicable standards. In this instance, the standard is EN3. In order for a fire extinguisher to gain a CE mark is must comply with parts 1-10 to EN3, excluding part 7 paragraph 16.1 which has reference to the colour. The accreditation bodies view this as not part of the safety, operation and testing of the unit and is purely cosmetic the CE mark can be attached. Once the CE mark is attached, as it is to our entire Contempo range, the unit becomes legal for sale within the UK and Europe.
Reference: BS EN3


Q: Do you really offer a 5 year warranty?

A: Yes, across our Commander, CommanderEDGE and Contempo Extinguisher ranges only. Please read our full warranty statement here.


Q: Are there any job vacancies currently open?

A: We don’t currently have any vacant roles.



Become a stockist

Whether you’re an existing CheckFire customer or looking to supply fire safety products, you can become a recognised stockist of our products.